The Arizona Council of Chapters (MOAA) also referred to as AZCOC is an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). MOAA and AZCOC are politically nonpartisan, non profit 501 (c)(19) veteran’s organizations. AZCOC is an affiliation of MOAA Chapters throughout Arizona. The AZCOC is the state entity which provides support and assistance to our member Chapters. There are 9 MOAA Chapters and 3 Satellite Chapters in Arizona and all are members of the AZCOC. The AZCOC meets semiannually. We publish an e-Newsletter semiannually which is distributed to all members and guests of the AZCOC.

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News Announcement

The Unified Arizona Veterans recently announced the selectees for the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame, Class of 2020. There were twenty-three (23) Arizona veterans who, after honorable discharge from military service, have continued to serve their fellow Americans at an exemplary level. Four of the twenty-Three were members of the Military Officers Association of America. They were:

Arizona Chapter
Albert Crawford, MG, USA (Ret)
Frank Hoak III, CAPT, USN (Ret) *
Luke Chapter
Edward Logan, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
Coronado Chapter
Maureen Pryor, LTC, USA (Ret)
Northern Arizona Chapter
Clyde Meade, LCDR, USN (Ret)


Congratulations Arizona MOAA

The Arizona State Council and all nine Arizona chapters are now official Partner Organizations of Arizona’s “Be Connected” program – The Be Connected program is a statewide initiative to strengthen access to support and resources for the 500,000+ service members, veterans and their families who call Arizona home. Be Connected launched in 2017 with one team member. The program is now expanding to a team of 30+ in communities statewide.

MOAA Grants to Arizona Chapters

Community Outreach (4 of 33 MOAA-Wide)
Arizona Chapter
Grand Canyon Chapter
Luke Chapter
Tucson Chapter
$  2,500
$  2,500
$  5,000
$  2,500
COVID-19 Relief (3 of 17 MOAA-Wide)
Grand Canyon Chapter
Luke Chapter
Tucson Chapter


$  1,250
$  2,500
$  1,250
$  5,000


2020 Col Marvin J. Harris Communication Awards

MOAA National Headquarters announced in May, the 2020 Col Marvin J. Harris Communication Awards for websites and newsletters. Arizona Council and Chapters did exceptionally well by receiving 6 Five Star ratings for their web sites and 8 Five Star ratings for their Newsletters. See the breakdown below:

6 websites = all 5-Star

Council (new) Col Ron Perkins (Jill Shepherd)
Arizona Mr. Carl Ulbrich
Coronado Mrs. Kathryn Covalucci
Green Valley (new) Ms. Marianne Cobarrubias
Luke Lt Col Robert Nelson
Superstition Mountain 2 Lt Virginia Ferguson

8 Print Newsletters = all 5-Star

Council (new) Lt Col Nicholas Knight
Arizona Mrs. Janet Lange
Coronado Mr. Harry Mallory
Grand Canyon Col Rebecca Seeger
Green Valley (new) Lt Col Robert Nelson
Luke Lt Col W. Scott Philips
Northern Arizona Mrs. Mary Jonas
Superstition Mountain Mrs. Marlene Fox

Community Support

The nine Arizona chapters have contributed $132,000 to their communities during the past 12 months:

$66,700 – scholarships awarded by Arizona chapters
$65,300 – contributions to communities/veterans

Arizona Chapter Highlights

All nine chapters have been holding events and scheduling activities to support veterans, their families and communities across the great state of Arizona. See out Chapter Highlights page for just a few examples of those events and activities.

Arizona MOAA Members who have been selected for the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame.

These members have been recognized and honored based on the significant civic contributions they have made at the local, state and National levels. Honorees are veterans who serve, or have honorably served their country through military service and who also serve and inspire their fellow citizens with deeds and accomplishments outside their military service.